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CANADIAN VISA EXPERT BLOG POSTING “Must-See Sites in Marvelous Montreal”

The Canadian province of Quebec attracts millions of visitors annuallyand, of course, no visit to Canada is complete without spending time in Quebec’s largest city – marvelous Montreal!  Whether you are planning a visit to Canada or considering Canada immigration, you will find the following information helpful.


Montreal is located on an island between the scenic St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers in southwestern Quebec and is named after Mount Royal, which riseswest of downtown and affords fantastic views of this magnificent metropolis.  This incredible Canadian city has a population of around 1.7 million people (3.8 million in the metropolitan area), making Montreal the second largest city in Canada.  Montreal is also a top destination for tourists, businesspeople and those approved for Canada immigration. Thus, when you arrive in Montreal, not only will you be greeted by its unique French-Canadian charm, but you will also get a taste of the city’s cosmopolitan character.


Why should your visit to Canada include a trip to Montreal?  First of all, Montreal is a beautiful city, blending old with new, whose impressive modern skyline is complimented by the picturesque architecture of such must-see sites as Old Montreal, the historic Notre-Dame Basilica and the amazing St. Joseph’s Oratory.If you want to spend a relaxing day enjoying nature, the Montreal Botanical Gardens boast 20,000 species of plants.Museum enthusiasts will appreciate the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Place des Arts, Canadian Railway Museum, and the Museum of Archaeology and History.Music lovers will want to schedule their visit to Canada to correspond with the Montreal Jazz Festival.Finally, you can treat your taste-buds to the unique flavors of French-Canadian cuisine at Montreal’s many fine restaurants.


There is so much to see and do during a visit to Canada (just in Montreal!) that you may be tempted to apply for Canada immigration. In 2012, the Canadian government approved 257,515 people from across the planet for Canada immigration, allowing them to live, work and study long-term in this big, beautiful country.

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