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Discovering Tuscan

Tuscany, in Italy, is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and for excellent reason-make that a lot of very excellent reasons! Whether you are looking for art, structure, craftwork, delicacies, history, or just appreciate the attractiveness of characteristics, the area has so much to offer it would be near difficult to encounter it all. It’s no wonder guests come back to the area season after season. A holiday draw card in themselves, in Tuscany, apartment accommodations not only provide practical, relaxed, and amazing housing, providing guests a flavor of genuine Italian way of life, they are also the most ideal platform for more in-depth research of the area for those who may have tired the more ‘touristy’ destinations. Detailed below are some suggested actions for those who want to truly encounter the French way of life.


The area is mostly hilly, with flatlands focused along the waterways and the shore, so bicycle riding is part of way of life as it provides the best way to navigate its modifying scenery. Biking in the area provides bikers adequate probability have fun with the amazing Tuscan landscapes, as well as task themselves with different landscapes and levels of problems – just as did riding a bicycle stars Bartali, Cipollini, and Bettini. Due to its flexible environment, bikers can wander the landscapes nearly year-round, even in delayed fall after most of the guests have gone home. Biking is a amazing way to discover the landscapes and nearby towns, as well as to get to know residents (many of whom are other cyclists), whether on the street or at a town water fountain stuffing up your water bottle! In Tuscany, apartment accommodations may even come prepared with bikes, so be sure to ask the residents about the best bicycle tracks and websites for discovering.

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