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It Is Important To Carry Caravan Spares

Camping holidays have become popular in recent times owing to the fact that many now find it impossible to afford luxurious holidays. Static caravans are great but towing your own caravan means that you can go exactly where you want. Many of us tow a caravan without giving a thought as to what would happen if we needed to buy any caravan spares whilst we were away. Caravans like cars need to be serviced and maintained to ensure that they are kept in good repair and carrying a few caravan spare parts could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Naturally storage space is at a minimum in any touring caravan or motorhome but that should never prevent you from carrying a few small spare parts. Campers know that it is essential to check the lighting before going on a trip. Marker lights, interior lighting, rear lights, lenses and reflectors must be checked beforehand. Replacement bulbs cost little but it could well be harder to find them if they fail while you are on holiday. Buy a selection of spare bulbs for your caravan and keep them to hand. When you are out and about in your motorhome or van you may find yourself having to replace minor things, take a look at some of the refrigerator spares, appliance spares, plumbing and ventilation spares in the online Jacksons Camping caravan spares store.

If your van or tourer is an older model then it will certainly pay to carry essential caravan spares. Some older spare parts are hard to come by and it could take weeks to source a part. Consider carrying small parts for water heaters, hobs, fires and cookers. In reality it is important to take a few plumbing spares, start off with carrying a few washers and some pipe fittings. If the gas supply is lost then you are without light and heat so always remember to check your gas valves, nozzles, taps, regulators and hoses and see if it would be viable to carry a few spare parts.

Caravan holidays are great fun but that fun can be ruined if you forget to carry certain small spare parts. Ordering caravan spares does not present a problem but it could spell disaster if you don’t have the odd few spares to hand while you are away on holiday.

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