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Must-See Museums in Boston

If you are in Boston, you shouldn’t leave the city without visiting some of its best museums. Boston is home to museums that are known not just in the US but all over the world. For the sake of the first-time visitors, here are some of Boston’s must-see museums.

• JFK Presidential Library and Museum – This Boston museum is located in a spectacular building found on a ten-acre waterfront right at Columbia Point. The museum’s 25 multimedia exhibits along with the White House period settings exude the sixties vibe. Take the opportunity to experience sitting at the Oval Office desk where JFK spends most of his day while he was still in office. The museum also showcases a breath-taking panoramic view of the city’s Harbor islands and the captivating skyline.
• Salem Witch Museum – Have you ever been curious about witches? If so, then you should definitely take the time to drop by at the Salem Witch Museum. In 1692, there were one hundred eighty people who were accused of practicing witchcraft. They were accused, imprisoned and punished for being a witch, and since then Salem has been infamously known as the village of witches. The museum showcases everything that you are curious to know about witchcraft. Get to see the sites where witches allegedly resided. For a true and unique experience, it would be nice if you visit the museum during the Halloween season.
• Museum of Science – This is one of the most visited museums in the city. This science museum features approximate seven hundreds exhibits that are interactive. There are also hands-on activities offering great learning experience and fun to both kids and adults. The museum also houses the first space capsule which you can see up-close. The Museum of Science also houses the very popular Butterfly Hall (perfect for those who want to see flying butterflies), IMAX Dome and the interactive Hayden Planetarium.

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