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Some Camping Equipment Basics

The word camping has the ability to conjure up such sweet images as campfires, marshmallows, and even cosy little sleeping bags. Before embarking out into the great wilderness be sure to bring along all of the necessary camping equipment to help make the trip as comfortable as possible.

Over the years there have been sleeping bags in many shapes, sizes and forms. If anyone has ever been to a camping supply store in the past they may remember the normal square shaped sleeping bags. Now there are specific sleeping bags for summer camping, as well as for winter camping. These newer sleeping bags also have a different shape than the old ones, and these shapes are meant to form to the body to help keep in the warmth. There are also cots that are available in most outdoor sporting goods stores, and these cots will keep campers up off the hard ground, and many do provide a very comfortable nights rest.

Creating meals at a campsite is not always an easy task. The outdoor elements, such as wind, and even that pesky rain, can tear at the nerves of a camper as they try to prepare a meal. There are solutions to help keep Mother Nature at bay available in the Outdoor World store. A canopy, which may or may not be attached to a tent, can be placed over the cooking area to help keep the rain away during cooking. While it may not be an ideal solution for those wanting the true rustic camping experience, it will work great for protecting small propane camping stoves, coffee pots, and even those newer camping ovens.

Tents are the major necessity for camping trips if you do not own a caravan. For a family outing there are large tents, which have two or more rooms inside of one unit. These larger tents will often come equipped with a canopy that attaches near the entry door of the tent, and will help cover a small area in front of it. This is a perfect place to set up lawn chairs, or even a small picnic table to hold the cooking supplies. For a smaller group, two or less, dome tents, or even a backpacking tent may do the trick. As suggested before though, always bring a canopy or a tarp on the trip to help cover other camping equipment so the outdoor elements do not get to them.

A well thought out camping trip, with a list of equipment that is already on hand, and a list that is still needed, will help to make the camping experience a pleasurable one. The main equipment that should never be forgotten is the tent, sleeping gear, and maybe a small propane stove. Some extra equipment, which is not needed, but makes it a little easier, would be a canopy, a coffee pot, definitely some bug spray, maybe one of the outdoor shower kits, and do not forget the toiletries. There is nothing worse than taking a nice hike in the woods, getting all of Mother Nature’s little delights all over yourself, and having nothing to wash it off with.

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