The Art Fair of Dubai

Dubai Art Fair

Dubai is well known for its extravagant real-estate development, its ferocious rate of growth and its skyrocketing prices. While Dubai is not exactly a budget traveler’s dream, if you do find yourself on a Dubai holiday, be sure to check out the growing art scene which is making a name for itself in the Middle-East and, indeed, all over the world as international art galleries turn to Dubai to increase the exposure and market of contemporary art.

A Grand Event

At the center of the art explosion of the city is Art Dubai, the biggest fair dedicated to modern and contemporary art in all of the Middle-East. This increasingly important event gathers the most important art galleries from North Africa to South Asia. The event has seen masterpieces from Andy Warhol, Shirin Neshat and Julian Opie come and go. Aside from the trading, the event also features an art forum as well as a large exhibition where the Abraaj Capital Prize is given to a selected artist on display. The forum brings together important players on the international scene in order to evaluate to state of Middle-Eastern art and its position in the world. The discussions are open to the general public and should be of utmost interest to contemporary art lovers.

More Than Just A Commercial Event

Not to focus only on the upscale aspects of collecting art, Art Dubai also provides a spotlight to a charity – called START – aiming to bring art into the lives of socially disadvantaged children under twelve years old in the Middle-East. The goal is to use art to empower creative minds, heal hearts, and educate the children by encouraging the expression of self through art. The charity is involved in several countries, including Jordan and Lebanon. During the fair, a grand fund-raising gala is held for the charity and thus allows it to reach more children each year.

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