3 Cities of Interest in Turkey

Picture by John Walker

Turkey, at the junction of Europe, the Middle-East and Asia, is one of the great travel destinations on the planet. Because of its economy (the exchange rate favors Western travelers) and because it is so popular (about 25 million visitors each year), it is still a relatively budget affair for most people – there are, as such, several Turkey cheap flights and accommodations available at many times of the year.

Travelers are typically delighted by Turkey’s ancient history, its archeological sites, grandiose mosques, clean and renowned Mediterranean beaches (it seems half of Europe ends up on Turkish beaches in the Winter), beautiful natural landscapes and its generally sunny climate. There are indeed many reasons to go to Turkey and many areas of interest. Here are a few of the most interesting cities to spend in and where one can find several budget deals:


Istanbul has long been a bridge between East and West. The contrasts which are present in the city make it most interesting both in terms of East meets West but also in terms of the past being alive amidst the modern cosmopolitan metropolis. Palaces and mosques abound and intersect with a lot of shops that have made the city a shopper’s delight.


Antalya is often referred to as the tourism capital of Turkey. It is no wonder for it has a rich cultural heritage of architecture and archeological sites that date from the Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman periods of Turkey’s history. Additionally, it sports pristine beaches which are among the best of the whole Mediterranean region.


The capital of the country, Ankara, is bursting at the seams with reasons to visit: several world-class museums, sumptuous mosques, quite a few galleries, great food – all things you would expect from a capital city except this one has the unique blend of Turkish flavors.

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