4 Must-See Sights in Cairo

When visiting Cairo, there is no shortage of interesting sights and places to go. Here are four of the top destinations in the area which should not be missed!

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Sphinx and Pyramid
Picture by Tom Pattingson

These world-class iconic monuments do not fail to disappoint as one stands next to them in awe of their immensity and baffling engineering – no Egypt Holidays would be complete without a visit to the Pyramids!

The traveler might have to face a hysterical touristic scene while gazing at them or while just trying to get there, but they are totally worth it.

Walking away from the main Pyramid and can make the whole difference to your visit by allowing for some time alone where few tourists bother to go.

Be sure to go inside the great Pyramid if you are in good shape – the claustrophobic aura inside and the barren King’s Chamber are out of this world.

The Egyptian Museum

Few museums in the world can boast to house such a large collection of first-class antique statues and treasures. There might be no AC inside the museum and it may be thoroughly crowded most of the time but the golden treasures of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, the gigantic statues of kings and queens and the endless amount of artifacts from one of the highest known civilizations in history generously compensate for the discomfort.

Khan Al Kalili Market

Sure, it’s a tourist trap. But it’s a charming tourist trap. Get there in the late afternoon as the sun lowers and the air cools off a bit. The labyrinth layout, the medieval archways and the glittering souvenirs all make for a good time. Put a smile on as you negotiate prices and fend off hassles.

The Cairo Tower

Standing at near 50 meters, the tower offers a gorgeous view of all sides of the metropolis from its circular platform. It is impressive enough to see the buildings dimming through the smog into what seems to be an infinite horizon but it’s even more surprising to spot the Pyramids of Giza pop-up right next to the city and immediately reveal that modern building have nothing on these thousands of years old monuments.

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