4 Things to Watch Out For When Visiting the Pyramids

Picture by Xiquinhosilva

From ancient times the Great Pyramids of Egypt have fascinated all who have stood in their shadow. They are today part of any Egypt holidays itinerary but if you are not going to be traveling with a group, there are things you should know before you get there. As one of the most touristic site on the planet, it is also fraught with scams and hassles. Here’s what to watch out for:

1) As you get to Giza by Taxi from Cairo and as you approach the area of the pyramids, it is common for touts to get inside taxis with foreigners in them. They invent stories like they just want to get dropped off somewhere on the way but their aim is to get you to the camel stables where the secondary entrance to the pyramids are. Don’t go. Tell the guy you know what’s going on and that he’s better off to get out of the car because he’s loosing his time. The stables area is a good place to get a camel to ride inside the pyramids area but it is to your advantage to negotiate that on your own and not with a third party.

The main entrance is also fraught with touts. As soon as your taxi will approach the slight hill where the entrance is, touts are likely to assault the car with offers and fraudulent claims. Simply do not listen to anyone whatever they might say. Don’t buy a ticket from them, just walk up the hill and past the gate with the security guard. The tickets are being sold in the building to your right.

3) When you have your ticket and you proceed to the site, don’t listen to anyone saying they are an obligatory guide. Some may even try to grab the ticket from your hand and walk away with it. Just hold on to your ticket and ignore whatever these false guides may say – there is no such thing as an obligatory guide at the Giza pyramids.

4) If you do decide to take a camel ride be extra clear about the price and the conditions of the ride. If you are more than one person, clarify that the price is for both persons. Do not hesitate to walk away from any of the camel guides who are being obnoxious.

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