Accomodation in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is popular amongst tourists for many reasons and as the city continues to lure people from all around the world, there results an increase in lodging options. Whether an individual is visiting Buenos Aires for business reasons or spending vacations, he or she must find accommodation.  If you want to enjoy a homely environment, then checking out Buenos Aires apartment rentals would be an excellent way to go about it.

Buenos Aires Accomodation
Picture by Frank Kovalchek

These will be available for short term stays of a few days or for longer periods as well. The city is influenced by European culture and this is readily apparent in the architecture in the different neighborhoods.   What better way to experience the culture than by staying in a real Argentine apartment?

There are many reasons that persuade people to rent apartments rather than booking a room in hotel. Firstly, these apartments are available for rent at very low cost in comparison to hotels.  Thus, one does not need to spend huge amounts of money on accommodation, meaning they can use it for visiting sights, entertainment or shopping. Alternatively, one can find luxury fully furnished apartments in Buenos Aires which are great for business meetings, parties, or just a special getaway.  The facilities made available in apartments are similar to the ones present at home and tend to be much larger than hotel rooms.

One matter of importance is the location of the apartments. Since people are new to the place, they are not always able to decide which area would suit them best. The genral rule of thumb is to go for the center of the city as it is usually safe and provides easy access to all areas of interest. In Buenor Aires, renowned areas where one can think of taking an apartment are Palermo, San Telmo, Belgrano, and Puerto Madero, all of which are relatively safe and very nice.

Most apartments work as hotels, and can be reserved by credit cards, and then are paid in cash on arrival.  Although hotels can be nice, an apartment rental may be a better choice in terms of money, comfort, and experience.

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