Camping in Florida

Florida Camping
Picture by Anoldent

There’s more to Florida than Mickey Mouse and retirement homes. If you’re headed in the southern United-States, why not enjoy a camping trip during your Florida holidays? Avoid the heavy-loaded tourist circuit and bring your family and pets along for a peaceful and pleasurable outing in one of Florida’s many state parks.

Weather Considerations

The state is quite pleasant weather wise for most of the year. If you are going to be in Florida during the Winter season, avoid the northern part of the state where temperatures are likely to go below freezing point – unless you’re equipped and up to it. In contrast, if you’re going to be there during the summer, know that in the southern half of the state, temperatures usually go past the mid nineties.

Choosing a Location

The next thing to look at is your choice of location. There are well over 150 state parks with a variety of facilities on the sites. If you don’t have a tent or don’t particularly enjoy to rough it out, some of the parks have cabins for rent or RV parking spots. The most elaborate parks have laundry facilities as well which are a nice feature for prolonged stays. In terms of activities, the parks offer a variety of possibilities: form fishing to hiking, boating to bird watching, trekking to diving.

The nature in the parks will vary from one region to another. Some have sub-tropical greenery while others feature more typical North American forests. Some have lakes, others don’t. The state guide or Website for the parks will allow you to search for that ideal spot for you. One of the most unique parks would be its first underwater one: John Pennekamp Coral Reef’s Park which is slightly north of Key Largo. One can snorkel and scuba dive on the site to appreciate to spectacular colors of the corals.

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