Cap d'Agde and Speciality Foods

The French, as we all know, are adamant about their food and down in the Languedoc region, by the coast in the Mediterranean, things are no different. If you’re taking a holiday at the beach resort of Cap d’Agde then you should take some time out from the many brasseries (bars) and fancy Cap d’Agde restaurants to sample some of the local specialties on offer.

Just a few miles down the coast from Agde is the quaint and ancient fishing village of Bouzigues. Here you can look out over the Étang de Thau with its hundreds of oyster tables where oysters and mussels are collected by the thousands. You can be sure that they’re fresh in your plate when you try them. They are best eaten in their half shell with a squirt of lemon or a dash of Tabasco sauce – it’s an acquired taste but definitely something to be tried at least once!

If seafood isn’t your thing and you have more of a sweet tooth then definitely take the opportunity to try out the famous croustade of Besan. This is a rich and flaky pastry containing a decadent mix of chocolate and raisins (some varieties are made with walnuts and raisins). Definitely a satisfying accompaniment for a nice cup of coffee in the morning, or with your favourite cup of tea in the afternoon.

Cap d'Agde / picture by Jean-Louis Zimmermann

Staying on the sweet pastry track, be sure to taste Les Petits Pâtés. It is unlikely you would have seen patisserie like this before – they can best be described as looking like large cotton reels and they are filled with a mixture of brown sugar, suet, minced lamb and grated lemon peel. They are quite tasty and génial along with an appetizer or as a dessert.

Something else to look out for as you proceed to the many market stalls in and around the resort is the  tasty Lézignan-la-Cèbe sweet onion (available from May to September). You’ll recognise it easily as it looks longer and flatter than your normal onion variety. Take it back to your self-catering apartment and add it to any stirfry. Also of interest at the market are the wonderful figs of the region. Over the past few years the Languedoc area has been removing many of its vines plantations and planting new produce instead. For this, there are now over 80 varieties of beautiful figs being cultivated in the area.

These are just a few of the specialty foods you should try when you’re eating out in Cap d’Agde. Don’t forget that, as in most of the Languedoc region, you can also find beautiful locally produced honey, fruits and vegetables during the warm seasons. Bon appétit!


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