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Three Lesser Known Beaches in Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan is an island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. Until recently it has been over-shadowed by the neighboring island of Koh Samui which has been a long time favorite with package tourists and celebrities of the likes of David Beckham… >> Read More

Eco Travel on Tenerife Island


800 miles away from the coast of Spain, Tenerife island is a natural treasure of a place which receives over five million visitors each year. With the third largest volcano in the world, a rugged coastline dotted with splendid beaches, a surprising diversity of flora… >> Read More

Natural Wonders in St Lucia


The volcanic island of St Lucia might well be the jewel of the Caribbeans. Not only does it feature the World Heritage Sites of the two Pitons – impressive volcanoes covered by lush tropical greenery which make for must-see items on any St Lucia holidays… >> Read More

Nature Travel in Barbados


Barbados, a tropical and exotic island, is probably the most well-known of the Caribbean islands and possibly its most developed. This does not mean, however, that there are no good reasons to go on Barbados holidays: the climate and preserved natural beauty… >> Read More

Camping in Florida


There’s more to Florida than Mickey Mouse and retirement homes. If you’re headed in the southern United-States, why not enjoy a camping trip during your Florida holidays? Avoid the heavy-loaded tourist circuit and bring your family and pets along for a peaceful… >> Read More

The Japanese Garden at Montréal's Botanical Garden


One of the main attractions of any visit to Montréal is its botanical garden. Over a hundred years old, the gardens have matured into gorgeous environments and the attractive price tag makes for a good and cheap city break at any time of the year… >> Read More

Great Diving in Cuba


One of the main attractions of Cuba is the excellent diving conditions which can be found all along its coastal areas. Not only is the clear water calm and its temperatures a yearly average of twenty-five degrees, the coral reefs are also among the most varied… >> Read More

The Mount-Royal of Montréal


The Mont-Royal is one of the largest parks in the city and is replete with opportunities for travelers. As a mount, it offers some of the best views of Montréal. Getting to the belvedere to take a look at downtown is a pleasant affair and if you choose to climb… >> Read More

The Pleasures of Koh Phangan


Koh Phanang is a pearl among the islands off the coast of Thailand. If you are tired from your job and need a good spot to relax and take stock of your life, why not do it in the far east? Thailand is an adventurous country with hidden delights and pleasures for tourists. >> Read More

Travel in England's Countryside to see Nature and Wildlife


If you’re traveling to England, don’t go home with just the tourist photos of London and Big Ben! Extend your vacation into the English countryside, to see the wildlife and nature that this green and pleasant land has to offer. Travel north to see the… >> Read More

Enjoying an Egyptian Nile Cruise


One of the most iconic activities to partake in when visiting Egypt is to take a cruise on the Nile. For thousands of years already, Egyptians themselves have relied on the Nile for a number of purposes and have extensively traveled on its powerful waters. >> Read More

Take the Machu Picchu Trek!


For anyone who enjoys backpacking, taking a hike on the ancient Inca Trail to the stunning Machu Picchu site in Peru is a must-do adventure. It is possible to go there the easy way, by taking a train and then a bus, but the experience of hiking along… >> Read More

Bike Buenos Aires Style


On first appearance Buenos Aires doesn’t come across as a cycle friendly city. It is a buzzing metropolis, filled with smoking buses, irate taxi drivers and cell phone talking drivers. But just like any capital city you need to look beyond the inner city streets… >> Read More

Visiting Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang Island, the second biggest of Thailand, is a mountainous national park where over 70% of the surface is protected virgin rainforest. Because of this, the area is still less developed than surrounding islands and is in great condition (there are only 8 villages). It’s no surprise then that it is >> Read More

Awesome Eco Travel Spots In Costa Rica

Costa Rica means “rich coast” and anyone who visits the country’s stunning nature and eco friendly travel spots will want to go back there again and again. >> Read More

Orihuela and its Beaches

If you are looking for somewhere to go on your holidays which is not going to cost you the earth, with plenty of sunshine, the most wonderful and healthy food, fantastic entertainment that starts early in the morning and can last until the early hours of the next morning if you are in humour, >> Read More