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The Art Fair of Dubai

Dubai Art Fair

Dubai is well known for its extravagant real-estate development, its ferocious rate of growth and its skyrocketing prices. While Dubai is not exactly a budget traveler’s dream, if you do find yourself on a Dubai holiday, be sure to check out the growing art scene… >> Read More

Adrenaline Fueled Holidays in Peru


Between the verdant expanse of the lush Amazon Rainforest and the arid coastal desert clutching the Andes, Peru offers such an extreme range of encounters and experiences that choosing between them can be hard. From fervent pilgrimages to honor both indigenous and… >> Read More

The Magnificence of Ancient and Modern Delphi


Greece may have been going through though times as of late but don’t let that stop you from traveling in the country – it has seen crisis before and its rich historical sites are as compelling as ever. About an hour away from Athens and world famous for its ancient monuments… >> Read More

Experiencing the Flavors of the Dominican Republic


As the second largest island in the Caribbeans after Cuba, the Dominican Republic is the one receiving the highest number of tourists each year. Dominican Republic holidays are sought after by travelers who love beaches and resorts but there is yet some unspoiled … >> Read More

My Turkish Holidays


Where East meets West, you’ll find Turkey on the map. Long renowned for its exotic blend of cultures from both sides of the Eurasian continent, Turkey holidays pack a powerful punch for the sheer vastness of interesting sights and activities one can partake in. >> Read More

Different Majorca Holidays


The sunny Mediterranean island of Majorca is the biggest of the Spanish islands and is one of the most popular touristic destination in Europe (25 million visitors annually). It is particularly appreciated by British and German visitors. Admittedly, for many, Majorca… >> Read More

The Sacred Delights of Pondicherry's French District


Regardless whether the ashram is your thing or not, be sure to stop by the few temples in the area, including the Manakula Vinayagar temple where one can be blessed by the resident elephant, Lakshmi. With its trunk, it touches the head of people who pass by. >> Read More

Where to Go in Cuba?


Cuba is the largest and most populated island of the Caribbeans just a few hundreds of kilometers south of the United-States. Its features a rich cultural heritage and a number of interesting destinations. There are many ways to go about your Cuba travel… >> Read More

Independent Holidays to Cuba


There are many ways to enjoy Cuba on your own and avoid the many tourist traps. Even as you bypass the resort scene, the infrastructures in the country are plenty and good enough to make any holidays to Cuba comfortable. So, what is there to do… >> Read More

4 Things to Watch Out For When Visiting the Pyramids


From ancient times the Great Pyramids of Egypt have fascinated all who have stood in their shadow. They are today part of any Egypt holidays itinerary but if you are not going to be traveling with a group, there are things you should know before you get there. >> Read More

City Holidays in Québec: Winter Weather


There are several types of city holidays possible in Montréal and Québec City and a few tips will help you to make the most of your trip. The first thing to take into consideration, as is usually the case, is the weather. Canada is well known for its grueling… >> Read More

The 3 Biggest Monuments in Egypt


Traveling in Egypt is a dream come true for many people. The draw of its ancient civilization is immense and does not cease to evoke wonder and awe – nor does it disappoint once one gets there and tours the temples and tombs of the Pharaohs. >> Read More

Maldives Vacation Package - Would You Like To Choose One?


Imagine a chain of tropical islands, with beautiful unspoiled beaches, an almost perfect climate, luxury resorts and plenty to see and do. You might be describing the tiny country of the Maldives, one of the most exotic holiday destinations in the world. >> Read More

The Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Cyprus


Nestled in the beautiful Mediterranean and featuring lush forests and enthralling beaches, the island of Cyprus captivates thousands of tourists year in and year out. Tourism has helped push the Cypriot economy forward as it rakes in around… >> Read More

4 Must-See Sights in Cairo


When visiting Cairo, there is no shortage of interesting sights and places to go. Here are four of the top destinations in the area which should not be missed! The traveler might have to face a hysterical touristic scene while in Egypt, but it is totally worth it! >> Read More

Top Reasons to Buy Travel Kits


Whether you plan to travel across the country or wish to see the world, it is important that you pack your luggage well. You will need to consider the duration of your trip, the climate of the place you are visiting and also the accommodation you have… >> Read More

Luxury Moment: The Atlantis Resort in Dubai


There is nothing budget or free about this one! Amongst the most impressive developments of Dubai are its palm-shaped islands which were designed to provide more beach-front properties as well as increase tourism in the area. Regardless of… >> Read More

Enjoying Holidays in Turkey


Turkey is one of the world’s major travel destinations and it’s not hard to understand why: its rich historical heritage pleases those interested in great civilizations, its stunning beaches put sun lovers at ease, its vibrant culture keeps art buffs interested… >> Read More

Holidays in the Greek Islands


There are no less than six thousand islands surrounding Greece but only a minority of these are inhabited and an even smaller handful of them are part of the regular touristic circuit. Featuring a variety of traditions and unique landscapes of natural beauty… >> Read More

5 Places to Visit in Bangkok


It’s very easy to visit Bangkok and limit oneself to the tourist cliches. Yes, one night in Bangkok can be filled with reclining Buddhas, sequins and show tunes, Singapore slings and slingbacks. Thankfully, there is much, much more to the real Bangkok… >> Read More

Planning My Trip to Australia


Even though I returned from a ’round-the-world’ trip just last week, I find myself perusing travel sites on the Internet for my next destination. When my travel partner and I were planning our Round The World (RTW) tour the first draft of the itinerary included… >> Read More

Organizing Your Trip to Egypt


When going to Egypt there are many preparations to make. If you are going on all inclusive holidays then most details are taken care for you and you may simply enjoy the trip with ease but if you are doing it on your own then you have more freedom to go about… >> Read More

Off Season Traveling in Montréal: How to Stay Warm


What’s the best time to visit Montréal? If you’re not into skiing or some other Winter sport then the answer is during the summer, of course – it’s not all ice and snow all year long. But still, planning a trip in Montréal during the Winter season (after the new year)… >> Read More

5 Signature Things To Do In New York City


New York City is of course one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Whether you live in America or are traveling from abroad, there are a number of classic activities that should be part of any New York holidays. Here are some of them… >> Read More

Cap d'Agde and Speciality Foods


The French, as we all know, are adamant about their food and down in the Languedoc region, by the coast in the Mediterranean, things are no different. If you’re taking a holiday at the beach resort of Cap d’Agde then you should take some time out from… >> Read More

8 Luggage Tips For Air Flights

Will you be buying new luggage? Don’t go for the hard cases that won’t fit in as many places and compartments as soft bags or backpacks do – especially if you usually like to bring your luggage onboard with you. It will also be advantageous to select a bag that meets most airlines’ size restrictions for carry-on luggage as you will always be able to use them no matter which airline you fly with. >> Read More

The Markets of Alicante

One of the essential things to do while in Alicante is to visit the markets. One of the most important things that many people consider as one of their top priorities when holiday making is the purchase of souvenirs and presents to take back home with them. This is also considered as one of >> Read More

Italian Holiday in Tuscany

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world and it’s no wonder: it offers fascinating cities, wonderful food and wine, centuries of history and some of the world’s greatest art treasures. >> Read More