Different Majorca Holidays

Majorca Monastery
Picture by Nunavut

The sunny Mediterranean island of Majorca is the biggest of the Spanish islands and is one of the most popular touristic destination in Europe (25 million visitors annually). It is particularly appreciated by British and German visitors. Admittedly, for many, Majorca holidays are all about the sandy white beaches and the resort scene. But there is actually much more to do on Majorca than hang out at beach bars or watch captive animals perform tricks in water parks.

Organizing Your Stay According to Your Budget

First of all, there are a number of independent and self-catering accommodations available to travelers on the island. The longer your stay is, the more negotiating power you have to get a good deal on that small villa or beach house that interest you (many such accommodations can now be found and booked directly via the internet). Additionally, while a meal at a restaurant is nice from time to time, by preparing your own food for most meals you’ll obviously be saving a lot of money. True, the resort packages offer attractive prices which often include food but the experience is totally different.

Resort alternative: Going to Lluc

In the northern area of the island, Lluc has become famous for its monastery and other religious infrastructures which came to be following the apparition of a statue of the Virgin Mary in the 13th century. The story goes that the statue was found by a monk who was walking along a stream. It was then brought back to a nearby church but the statue kept disappearing and was always found back at its original location by the water. It was thus decided to build a church right on that spot. Today, one can visit the monastery, church and museum even as thousands of pilgrims make their way to the site each year.

If Religious History is Not Your Thing…

Even if you are not interested in the atmospheric ambiance of the religious history of the area, Lluc is still an interesting place to go. The small villages all about have a most charming medieval touch and friendly locals. The scenery is also quite gorgeous (especially at the monastery which is located on mountainous terrain) and lends itself well to trekking and even mountain biking. There are a several trails around Lluc which can keep you interested for several days. And you can always plan for some days at the nice beaches which are not too far…

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