Eco Travel on Tenerife Island

Picture by Benoit Deniaud

800 miles away from the coast of Spain, Tenerife island is a natural treasure of a place which receives over five million visitors each year. With the third largest volcano in the world, a rugged coastline dotted with splendid beaches, a surprising diversity of flora and fauna where half of the territory is protected , little pollution for a lack of industrial development and a near perfect climate where the sun shines 300 days a year (no wonder the island has been dubbed the Island of Eternal Spring), Tenerife holidays have much to offer in the way of eco and nature travel – here are a few of the interesting options on the island.

Secluded Beaches

The water is warm all year long on Tenerife’s beaches – being on the same latitude as the Sahara desert, it’s easy to understand why. Even though the island’s beaches can easily get crowded with visitors from Spain and elsewhere in Europe, there are a number of out-of-the-way beaches which will make for a quiet time and provide some intimacy for those wanting to avoid the crowds.

If you appreciate wide open spaces, head over to Playa del la Tejita where you can actually get that feeling of being isolated from other people. And if surfing is your thing, this beach can also a good spot for it receives strong winds at various periods of the year. If you’re not intent on swimming or partaking in water sports, El Bullullo is a good beach to stay at. The strong waves chases most people away but it’s a great spot to quietly sunbathe and it’s one of the beaches on the island where the sand comes from volcanic debris.

A Bioclimatic Village

One of the most exciting developments on Tenerife is the construction of a bioclimatic village – meaning a self-sustainable ecovillage. Even while it houses permanent residents, it is being developed with the intention of hosting eco-minded travelers. The few dozens of houses there are powered by a variety of clean and renewable energies and also serve as a scientific experiment to gauge the feasibility of this type of community. The energetic performance of the village is being closely monitored to allow for further improvements and developments in the future.

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