Egypt: Going With a Tour Group or Traveling Independently?

There are many opportunities to take guided tours to Egypt. There are several reasons for this, chief among them is the large number of sites of interest which must be fitted into limited travel schedules. The expertise of a guide thus makes it possible to get the most out of that time and see more sites. Add to that the scam and hassle factor and the incentive to tour with a group is very strong.

Picture by Omar A.

Of course, if one feels comfortable to see less of the sites and focus on a smaller number of destinations, then it’s not so necessary to focus that hard to maximize time. Traveling independently then becomes more realistic as the schedule allows for some time to get a grip of the learning curve involved in traveling by yourself in the country. Going from one site to another quickly and on your own sounds like a good way to get exhausted – especially when visiting Egypt for the first time.

Generally speaking, guided travel costs more than planning a budget travel by yourself but there are in fact several cheap holidays to Egypt to choose amongst. It’s all about picking the best one for you. Taking the time to read reviews online and carefully comparing itineraries should be enough to make a good pick. Sometimes, it is worth it to pay a little bit extra to get a package that will make the trip memorable for you and the people you are traveling with.

One important criteria to look out for is the amount of time spent at any of the locations. Some groups unrealistically plan 30-60 minutes visits for one site which really does not allow you to connect with the place at all. It’s nice to be able to visit a good quantity of places but not to the extent that the quality of the visits suffer so much.

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