Enjoying Holidays in Montréal

Picture by Francois Hogue

Being a North-American city, you would expect Montréal to be an expensive place to visit. But it is actually one of the cheapest metropolis on the continent. Prices may have gone up in recent years, but it’s still easier to get by on a budget there than in Toronto or Vancouver. Another thing which these two cities don’t have is the European influence of French and British heritage. Mixed with the modern American culture, it is a unique flavor on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The best time to visit the city is during the summer. Spinning with festivals of all kinds (jazz, humour and comedy, electronic music, African and world music, cinema, etc) and a busy nightlife, there is no reason to get bored at all. The nightlife in the city is famous enough that people from the United-States cross the border just for this and other Canadians from Toronto and Ottawa pack cars to come to the French metropolis to have fun on the week-ends. Spring and early Fall are also nice temperature-wise, but get ready for some serious cold during Winter, especially January and February when the thermometer may drop as low as -35 degrees Celcius.

Aside from special events, there are several permanent attractions as well: the botanical garden, Biodome, Olympic stadium, Mont-Royal park, casino and many others. Montreal is also the cultural capital of the country with very active theatre, dance, cinema and music scenes.

Those wanting to enjoy bargain holidays in the city will be happy to know there are several ways to save money. For accommodations, there are many hostels. For transport, the public system is well developed and inexpensive (otherwise, it is a very walkable city). There are countless restaurants, many offering decent food at attractive prices. And to top it off, there is always a free event of some kind going on at any time of the year.

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