Enjoying Holidays in Turkey

Haga Sofia
Picture by Christopher Chan

Turkey is one of the world’s major travel destinations and it’s not hard to understand why: its rich historical heritage pleases those interested in great civilizations, its stunning beaches put sun lovers at ease, its vibrant culture keeps art buffs interested, its luxurious accommodations satisfy the most picky of jet-setters, its cosmopolitan flair brings delight to worldly travelers and its delicious cuisine is enjoyed by nearly all.

A Rich Heritage

Holidays in Turkey is a great way to step into the past. Even while the country has embraced modernity, there are many old traditions and customs which are still honoured. A walk through Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar will provide such an opportunity to go back in time. Visiting the country’s numerous ancient monuments, including the grandiose mosques that have been built over the past millenia, such as the Blue Mosque and St. Sophia in Istanbul, provide other such opportunities. The Hippodrome, where chariot races used to take place, and Dolmabahce Palace, the imperial house of the last six Sultans with its eight Turkish baths and 340 rooms, are other must-see sights from Turkey’s history. Finally, no visit to the country would be complete without going to see Dervish dancers swirl so elegantly.

Enjoying Your Holidays

Beyond the historical attractions of Turkey, its coast line is rich in pristine beaches where one can take part in a number of activities such as water skiing, windsurfing or simply taking in some sun. Self-catering villas or more modest accommodations for budget travelers are available in many coastal areas.

Those interested in Istanbul’s nightlife will not be disappointed but to get a true slice of Turkish life, one has to stop and sit in a Café to sip on traditional black tea or coffee. Don’t miss out on the shisha as well, the water pipe typical of the Middle-East which has you inhaling tobacco in many flavours. If you enjoy alcohol, know that despite it being forbidden by Islam, the country’s main religion, wine and beer are widely available in the country, especially in touristic establishments.

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