Great Diving in Cuba

Cuba Coral Reef
Picture by Copepodo

One of the main attractions of Cuba is the excellent diving conditions which can be found all along its coastal areas. Not only is the clear water calm and its temperatures a yearly average of twenty-five degrees, the coral reefs are also among the most varied and beautiful in the world. As such, it makes for an excellent place to learn diving and novices and experts alike will appreciate the quality of Cuba’s diving scene. Whether resorts are your thing or not, any Cuba holidays should definitely include some diving!

Good Spots to Go Diving : Cayo Largo, Maria la Gorda and Faro Luna

Cayo Largo, a little island some 180 kilometers away from Havana, is already becoming a popular destination among travelers in Cuba but did you know that along with its beaches, its coral reefs are still largely intact? The underwater terrain is constituted of mountainous reefs which block the strong currents making it one of the best spots for beginners. Cayo Largo also features the only nudist beach in Cuba.

As one of the least populated and developed area on the main island, Maria la Gorda is another excellent location to do snorkeling and scuba diving. Because the site is a biosphere preserve, one can see a lot of marine animals in and out of the water. Adding much value and romanticism to the underwater experience are the centuries-old shipwrecks and the cave diving expeditions.

If underwater photography is your thing, Faro Luna is quite possibly the best spot to go to in Cuba. Despite being the site of a popular diving scene (there are close to thirty diving sites in the area), the water has been well maintained and is still crystal-clear today. The reefs here are first rate and include shipwrecks are large amounts of tropical fishes and and other marine life.

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