Holidays in the Greek Islands

Picture by Maja Thurup

There are no less than six thousand islands surrounding Greece but only a minority of these are inhabited and an even smaller handful of them are part of the regular touristic circuit. Featuring a variety of traditions and unique landscapes of natural beauty – all set in a pleasant climate – it is easy to understand why travelers usually return to enjoy Greek holidays on its islands many times over. This is where, after all, the Gods of antiquity were said to dwell! Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most popular ones…

Corfu: Its lively night life and its long-standing and well developed infrastructures has made Corfu the most heavily visited of the Greek Islands and is quite popular with American and European visitors.

Crete: The biggest of the islands, Crete also stands out because of its capital city, Heraklion, with its many touristic infrastructures, its rich past and its surrounding mountain range of breathtaking beauty.

Kefalonia: Reputed for being one of the more quiet islands that can be visited in Greece, those seeking a bit of serenity should also be delighted with the stunning scenery of the area and the many activities one can partake in, such as sailing.

Kos: Just next to Turkey, Kos is one of the smaller islands of the bunch and an ideal spot to take day-long boat excursions around. You’ll also find one of the biggest swimming pools in the world here.

Rhodes: Increasingly popular with the young crowd because of its stellar nightlife and its consistently sunny climate, Rhodes is not the best place to enjoy the Greek culture but it’s hard to beat for the party life.

Zante: This atmospheric island has a varied landscape dotted with small fishing villages and more developed towns to please those who want access to both quiet and more busy locations.

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