Independent Holidays to Cuba

Picture by Sami Keinanen

There are many ways to enjoy Cuba on your own and avoid the many tourist traps. Even as you bypass the resort scene, the infrastructures in the country are plenty and good enough to make any holidays to Cuba comfortable. So, what is there to do on your own as you go about the islands?

Spend Quality Time at the Beach

There are many pristine beaches that are not populated by resorts and large crowds of tourists. Varadero might have the luxury, but Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena along Cayo Largo del Sur are much more quiet and preserved locations. There is, for example, only one restaurant on Playa Paraiso and the ambiance will suit those who want to get some sun away from the madness of the more popular resorts. Get yourself a fresh coconut and drink its water for a totally healthy and pleasurable experience as you gaze at the turquoise reefs before you.

Get a Taste of the Wild Side

Cuba is well known around the world for several of its cultural products and traditions. A night out in Havana might well get you acquainted with salsa dancing – a rather sexy hip-swinging affair. It does not matter that you do not know the dance, locals will be more than happy to teach you and get you involved. Round out the evening with a glass of rum and a big fat Cuban cigar and now you’ve got something to talk about.

Feel the History of the Nation

The history of Cuba is rich and diversified. As you go about, you’ll get to see the colonial remains of Havana Vieja, the playful cultural atmosphere of the promenade in the late afternoon with it music and dancing as well as the communist-like infrastructures of the Castro era. The decrepit houses and villas in some areas will make you feel as though you are stepping into the charming ghost territory of a more easier past.

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