Lovina, Bali: A Budget Traveller's Dream destination

If you visit Bali, Indonesia with the hope of finding yourself a hammock stretched between two palm trees, next to a cheap hotel room just a short stone’s throw from a placid ocean, well, just go far away from the airport and the capital, Denpasar. The south end of Bali is very heavily touristed, with shopping, nightlife, busy restaurants and bars. For many people this will perfectly fit with their holiday plans. Budget-conscious and low-profile travelers will need to steer clear.

For those looking for a slower pace and a natural setting, make no mistake: it can be found on Bali. It just takes a little bit of time and effort to get off the beaten track. An excellent direction to head onto is the opposite coast. Bali’s north coast, specifically the Lovina/Singaraja areas are just a half-day’s drive away and they might have exactly what you are looking for.

A stunning aerial view of Lovina

A Quieter Northern Shore

One of the best things about the north coast is certainly the prices. You’ll immediately notice how much cheaper it is to eat in restaurants, and good Lovina hotel rooms can be had for half the price of what you would find in places like Kuta or Seminyak – it may well be even cheaper. The geography of this area and the smaller surf makes it possible to find yourself a hotel room very close to the water’s edge. The area is replete with natural wonders such as hot springs and wild dolphins.

The ocean in this area is actually the Bali Sea, which is shallower and much, much, calmer than the Indian Ocean that crashes into the island’s south coast. If you are not in Bali to surf, or if you are nervous about having your small children on the beach with waves that are dangerous at times, Lovina is an attractive alternative.

Grab a souvenir in Kuta on your way back to the airport if you must and spend a night or two in the area to experience some of the Bali night life if that is your cup of tea. But if you find it all a bit too expensive and frenetic, get a driver to take you up to Lovina Beach, find a quiet hotel in Lovina.

If you really want to go cheaply, get a ‘bemo’, or small local bus, for a fraction of the price. No matter how you do it, the drive up is pleasant and the budget destination will transform your holiday into exactly what you were looking for: inexpensive, on the beach and not too crowded.

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