My Turkish Holidays

Turkey Beach
Picture by Sindre Sorhus

Where East meets West, you’ll find Turkey on the map. Long renowned for its exotic blend of cultures from both sides of the Eurasian continent, Turkey holidays pack a powerful punch for the sheer vastness of interesting sights and activities one can partake in.

First and foremost, it is the rich history of the country which draws so many travelers to Turkey. From the Byzantine Roman period to the Hittites and Ottomans, passing through legendary sites like Troy and Ephesus, the remains of grandeur and empires is present at every turn. Its great cities, like Istanbul and Antalya are great examples of this height of civilization. But don’t think that all that is great about the country belongs to the past, the Turkish people themselves are warm, welcoming and are actually at the forefront of the reasons why you should go to Turkey!

Out of the Cities

As you get out of the cities, the coastal areas are replete with gorgeous Mediterranean beaches. There are a few thousand miles of usable beaches around the country. Granted, some of it is covered by resorts, but there are many places where you can go on your own: Patara beach is pristine and scattered with ancient ruins; Iztutu Beach consist of a natural reserve only accessible by boat – which makes it less crowded and quite attractive. There are several other beaches such as these which are sure to surprise by their beauty .

All this sea water naturally lends itself to sailing. A great way to go about it is on the traditional gulets and the trips can be short or last for several days as you explore the rugged yet charming Mediterranean coast. Back on the land, the natural terrain in some areas lends itself quite well to trekking or simply walking about in nature. You can either join group expeditions or set about on your own for short outings. If nature is your thing, there are many self-catering houses and villas available for rent outside of the cities.

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