Natural Wonders in St Lucia

Picture by Heather Cowper

The volcanic island of St Lucia might well be the jewel of the Caribbeans. Not only does it feature the World Heritage Sites of the two Pitons – impressive volcanoes covered by lush tropical greenery which make for must-see items on any St Lucia holidays – but everywhere the fauna and the coastal areas provide paradise-like settings which seldom fail to charm visitors.

The Famous Pitons

As the most mountainous of the Caribbean islands, there is no shortage of mounts and mountains to climb in order to admire the spectacular view. To get a glimpse of the Pitons, many travelers head over to Mount Gimie – the tallest peak of the island. But there are other ways to get a fresh perspective on these volcanic marvels. Namely, one may head out to sea on a catamaran to gaze at the mountains from the outside even while enjoying the pleasant breeze which should be much appreciated in the hot tropical climate. Some catamaran excursions also feature snorkeling and scuba diving – activities which the Caribbeans excel at providing.

Lush Natural Settings

Back on land, if you feel like approaching a semi-active volcano, head over to Sanfriere volcano where you’ll get to see smoke coming out of hot sulphur springs and bubbling mud all over. The ride there may get a little bit on the hot side of things, but you can always refresh yourself with some of the many exotic fruits native to the island – namely mangoes and papayas whose tastes bloom in the mouth like no grocery store fruit can. Going through the jungle areas might provide an encounter with the famed boa constrictor – the large reptile capable killing its victims by coiling itself around them before having them for lunch. They are, however, not very interested in humans and are more likely to beat it if they hear you coming.

If the jungle is not your thing and volcanoes don’t do it for you, there are always the pristine beaches which have made the Caribbeans some of the most popular destinations on the planet.

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