Nature Travel in Barbados

Picture by Gusdiaz

Barbados, a tropical and exotic island, is probably the most well-known of the Caribbean islands and possibly its most developed. This does not mean, however, that there are no good reasons to go on Barbados holidays: the climate and preserved natural beauty of the island has a lot to offer to nature lovers and those who enjoy activities such as diving and surfing.

The climate on the island is warm and generous. Even during the rain season (June to November) there is plenty of sunshine to be had – that is, it’s not unusual for the sun to shine a good eight hours a day on average. While other islands in the Caribbeans may be prone to hurricane during this time, Barbados with its eastern location, escapes the worst of the storms most of the time.

The island, bordered with coral reefs on all sides, is a diver’s dream. The good news is that the government of Barbados is conducting an ongoing preservation program to keep the reefs healthy and thriving. And indeed, they are the most well-kept coral reefs in the Caribbeans. Most diving sites are located on the southern and western coasts where some of the marine parks are. These areas are off-limits to fishing and are set up with strategic mooring points so that boat anchors don’t smash the corals.

Down Below

Down in the water, divers will appreciate the many shipwrecks and the abundance of marine life. Some of the most rare and exotic species of life include the famous sea horse and the dragon fish. Popular locations to spot them are Carlisle Bay and Folkestown Marine Park. If these are not enough to satisfy you thirst for the exotic, join a nighttime diving expedition where the use of special lighting highlights fluorescent animals and plants – quite a trippy experience and the only place to have it available in the Caribbeans.

Away from the shore, the luxurious tropical fauna of the Island can best be appreciated in its many parks and reserves, namely Farley Hill National Park, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, The Animal Flower Cave and if outings in nature isn’t quite for you, there is always the Andromeda Botanical Garden.

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