Planning my trip to Australia

Even though I returned from a ’round-the-world’ trip just last week, I find myself perusing travel sites on the Internet for my next destination. When my travel partner and I were planning our Round The World (RTW) tour the first draft of the itinerary included Australia but the sheer size of the continent was daunting.

With a landmass of over seven million square kilometers, traveling Australia with a time constraint is best achieved by air; however, it’s not the most economical. When we had 365 days to explore the world and a backpacker’s budget, it seemed best to go to countries we could travel efficiently and inexpensively. So the decision as easy, backpacking Australia would be a separate trip to be planned at a later date.

Now that I am back home that later date has arrived. It is time to plan our trip to Australia! I find the planning stage of a vacation or extended trip is part of the fun of traveling. I follow personal blogs of travelers in my potential destination, read guidebooks, and subscribe to cheap flight notifications. From this information-gathering phase I have deducted that at some point in our backpacking Australia trip we will end up in Sydney. When visiting a city like Sydney, i.e. large and expensive, I like to have some budget activities in mind. Better yet, free activities to free up my money for other non-negotiable expenses like a comfortable place to sleep or tasty food for dinner.

picture by kevgibbo

I’ve put together some Sydney travel tips for myself to keep in mind while exploring the city. There are free things to do and free places to see in Sydney so I don’t have to break the budget to have a good time. I can walk to my heart’s content.

The weather will be a balmy 19-26 degrees Celsius (66-79 Fahrenheit) when we are there in January. Walking the boardwalk in Darling Harbour will be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon and evening. The Sydney Opera House is close enough reach by foot and we could stop in at the Royal Botanical Gardens for a picnic. The beach is also a great option even if I’m not a surfer. I can bake in the warm Australian sun, read a book and get that relaxed-I’m-on-vacation feeling back. And when I’ve had my fill of the outdoors I can cool off inside one of the public libraries and surf the net for free.

One final tip I received from a friend: ‘don’t try to pickpocket a Kangaroo’. I’ll let you decide if you will follow his advice or not.

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