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Three Lesser Known Beaches in Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan is an island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. Until recently it has been over-shadowed by the neighboring island of Koh Samui which has been a long time favorite with package tourists and celebrities of the likes of David Beckham… >> Read More

Eco Travel on Tenerife Island


800 miles away from the coast of Spain, Tenerife island is a natural treasure of a place which receives over five million visitors each year. With the third largest volcano in the world, a rugged coastline dotted with splendid beaches, a surprising diversity of flora… >> Read More

Natural Wonders in St Lucia


The volcanic island of St Lucia might well be the jewel of the Caribbeans. Not only does it feature the World Heritage Sites of the two Pitons – impressive volcanoes covered by lush tropical greenery which make for must-see items on any St Lucia holidays… >> Read More

Experiencing the Flavors of the Dominican Republic


As the second largest island in the Caribbeans after Cuba, the Dominican Republic is the one receiving the highest number of tourists each year. Dominican Republic holidays are sought after by travelers who love beaches and resorts but there is yet some unspoiled … >> Read More

Nature Travel in Barbados


Barbados, a tropical and exotic island, is probably the most well-known of the Caribbean islands and possibly its most developed. This does not mean, however, that there are no good reasons to go on Barbados holidays: the climate and preserved natural beauty… >> Read More

Different Majorca Holidays


The sunny Mediterranean island of Majorca is the biggest of the Spanish islands and is one of the most popular touristic destination in Europe (25 million visitors annually). It is particularly appreciated by British and German visitors. Admittedly, for many, Majorca… >> Read More

Great Diving in Cuba


One of the main attractions of Cuba is the excellent diving conditions which can be found all along its coastal areas. Not only is the clear water calm and its temperatures a yearly average of twenty-five degrees, the coral reefs are also among the most varied… >> Read More

Where to Go in Cuba?


Cuba is the largest and most populated island of the Caribbeans just a few hundreds of kilometers south of the United-States. Its features a rich cultural heritage and a number of interesting destinations. There are many ways to go about your Cuba travel… >> Read More

Independent Holidays to Cuba


There are many ways to enjoy Cuba on your own and avoid the many tourist traps. Even as you bypass the resort scene, the infrastructures in the country are plenty and good enough to make any holidays to Cuba comfortable. So, what is there to do… >> Read More

A Quick Overview of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, this small tropical island just off the south-eastern coast of India, is a jewel of a destination with divine beaches, beautifully preserved nature and wildlife, ancient ruins and monuments, Buddhist and Hindu temples, and a modern cosmopolitan capital. >> Read More

Maldives Vacation Package - Would You Like To Choose One?


Imagine a chain of tropical islands, with beautiful unspoiled beaches, an almost perfect climate, luxury resorts and plenty to see and do. You might be describing the tiny country of the Maldives, one of the most exotic holiday destinations in the world. >> Read More

Holidays in the Greek Islands


There are no less than six thousand islands surrounding Greece but only a minority of these are inhabited and an even smaller handful of them are part of the regular touristic circuit. Featuring a variety of traditions and unique landscapes of natural beauty… >> Read More