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Camping in Florida


There’s more to Florida than Mickey Mouse and retirement homes. If you’re headed in the southern United-States, why not enjoy a camping trip during your Florida holidays? Avoid the heavy-loaded tourist circuit and bring your family and pets along for a peaceful… >> Read More

4 Budget Activities in Florida


Florida is well known for its many tourist attractions and whether you wish to avoid them because of the costs involved or because you want to escape touristic mayhem, there are many possibilities to make that Florida holiday unique, affordable, less crowded… >> Read More

The Japanese Garden at Montréal's Botanical Garden


One of the main attractions of any visit to Montréal is its botanical garden. Over a hundred years old, the gardens have matured into gorgeous environments and the attractive price tag makes for a good and cheap city break at any time of the year… >> Read More

Enjoying Holidays in Montréal


Being a North-American city, you would expect Montréal to be an expensive place to visit. But it is actually one of the cheapest metropolis on the continent. Prices may have gone up in recent years, but it’s still easier to get by on a budget there than… >> Read More

5 Signature Things To Do In New York City


New York City is of course one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Whether you live in America or are traveling from abroad, there are a number of classic activities that should be part of any New York holidays. Here are some of them… >> Read More

Free Sights to See in Orlando


Everyone knows Orlando is home to some of the world’s best theme parks and other big tourist attractions, but not everyone can afford to spend much time at those places. Don’t worry. There are scores of other great things to do in Orlando that are free of charge. >> Read More

Budget travel in Canada


The biggest hit on your budget will be accommodations so try to do some couch surfing. House-sitting is also possible but it is not nearly as popular as it is in the United-States. Canadians are friendly and welcoming people and you might even meet… >> Read More