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5 Places to Visit in Bangkok

It’s very easy to visit Bangkok and limit oneself to the tourist cliches. Yes, one night in Bangkok can be filled with reclining Buddhas, sequins and show tunes, Singapore slings and slingbacks. Thankfully, there is much, much more to the real Bangkok than the tired tourist routes. And, thankfully, it’s also very easy to slip away and discover it for yourself. >> Read More

8 Luggage Tips For Air Flights

Will you be buying new luggage? Don’t go for the hard cases that won’t fit in as many places and compartments as soft bags or backpacks do – especially if you usually like to bring your luggage onboard with you. It will also be advantageous to select a bag that meets most airlines’ size restrictions for carry-on luggage as you will always be able to use them no matter which airline you fly with. >> Read More

Tips For Free Travel (part 2)

It can be difficult to keep costs low if you travel quickly and are always on the move. Traveling slow enables you to minimize costs and hang around for the best deals. By staying in the same place for an extended period of time you also give yourself the chance to create a significant network of relationships and related opportunities. >> Read More

Tips For Free Travel (part 1)

100% free travel is not impossible but quite unlikely for most people in this day and age. You can, however, put yourself in a position to seriously increase free traveling opportunities while you are on the move. >> Read More

How To Get Free Airline Tickets

They best and easiest way to get airline tickets is with the Capital One Venture Credit Card, because it has some of the best rewards options available out there. In fact the Capital One Venture Card is one of the top 10 rewards credit cards. >> Read More