The Japanese Garden at Montréal's Botanical Garden

Japanese Garden
Picture by Parudox

One of the main attractions of any visit to Montréal is its botanical garden. Over a hundred years old, the gardens have matured into gorgeous environments and the attractive price tag makes for a good and cheap city break at any time of the year – yes even in Winter when the city is swamped with snow, the interior greenhouses are accessible and should provide a good dose of much needed tropical warmth and greenery. Otherwise, during Spring, Summer and Fall, the Japanese garden – a crowd favorite – offer a peaceful context in the middle of the city.

The Japanese Garden

One of the most interesting gardens on the site is the Japanese one. The entrance consist of a beautifully zen building in which there are often exhibitions related to Japanese culture. One can admire the numerous bonsai trees, several of which were given as gifts by the government of Japan and are several hundreds of years old. There is also a zen sand garden where one can contemplate the simple designs on the ground which are meant to inspire purity and calm. Just behind the entrance, to the right, is a small tea garden which is accessible only at specific times. Inquire with the botanical garden reception to get the current schedule.

Moving beyond the entrance, one will find pleasant paths crossing meticulous water gardens amidst a fine selection of native Japanese trees, plants and flowers. Throughout the paths, ponds house typical Japanese red fishes and there are traditional cabins done in Japanese temple style along the way. There is also a small conifer forest which provides some nice shade and invigorating odours.

The Japanese garden, with its zen ambiance, is thus a wonderful place to spend a day or part of it, reading a book, doing photography, or simply relaxing and appreciating the beauty of nature – Japanese style.

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