The Magnificence of Ancient and Modern Delphi

Picture by Peter Mahnke

Greece may have been going through though times as of late but don’t let that stop you from traveling in the country – it has seen crisis before and its rich historical sites are as compelling as ever. About an hour away from Athens and world famous for its ancient monuments, Delphi provides a set of top-notch ruins which transport visitors into the mystical era of oracles and ancient mysteries. Conversely, the modern infrastructures of Delphi allow for winter sports and other activities that will please nature enthusiasts. No Greece holidays should skip over Delphi!

Mystical Delphi

The Unesco World Heritage protected ruins are first on the list of things to see in Delphi. Visitors get a glimpse of the majesty of Ancient Greece here and though you might find yourself surrounded by other visitors when you get there, the magic of the site endures. The Temple of Apollo with the famous Oracle inside its precinct is a good place to get inspired like the endless numbers of people who have come to this site in ancient times to get their fortune told by the Oracle. When you’re done with these sites, head over to the Osios Lukas Monastery on the outskirts of the city and the Delphi museum which houses ancient statues and artifacts coming from the various archeological sites in the area.

Winter Sports Delphi

Though it may seem odd to equate Greece with skiing, there is a popular ski center near Delphi, at the base of Mount Parnassos. It is the largest winter sports center in the country and features world-class infrastructures. Experts will appreciate the intricate ski routes while beginners will also find some adapted to their level and they may also take classes at the adjacent Pappos-Baloumis ski school. Othewrwise, ice-skating, snowmobiling and sleighing are all available in the Winter resort. When you’re done with all the physical activity, getting a hot meal at one of the excellent restaurants and getting a good night sleep in one of the city’s top hotels will bring a perfect end to a great day outdoors.

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