The Mount-Royal of Montréal

Picture by Azartaz

Montréal is a beautiful city that mixes modern North American culture and architecture with the French and English influences of Europe. Along with Québec City, it is unique on the continent in how it blends these elements. Visitors to the city have much to see and many of the attractions and activities in it are either free or low cost to please those traveling on a budget or looking for cheap city breaks. One of the most popular place to take a break in the city is the Mont-Royal park.

The Mont-Royal is one of the largest parks in the city and is replete with opportunities for travelers. As a mount, it offers some of the best views of Montréal. Getting to the belvedere to take a look at downtown is a pleasant affair and if you choose to climb to the top by yourself (as opposed to getting there by car) then it can also provide a small workout if you climb directly up the stairs or a nice promenade if you walk up around the circular path. Indeed, citizens of the city themselves use the area to get in shape. It’s possible to bike, walk and jog or even sky in the winter. The mount is heavily forested and makes for a charming outing in the middle of the city. It is great for picnics and all kinds of casual activities like playing frisbee.

A Unique Event

Every Sunday from Spring to Fall a unique event takes place at the base of the Mont-Royal on the eastern side. The Tam Tam is a free gathering which attracts people of all ages but especially the young crowd. People jam together on drums which can be heard for miles around. When things get synchronized, the drumming gets very amazing. People juggle, play games, or just hang out in the sun from late morning to early evening. It’s a great place to spend the day to meet people and get a unique taste of Montréal.

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