The Pleasures of Koh Phangan

Picture by Rob Smith

The people of Koh Phangan are accommodating and friendly. The island is a pearl among the islands off the coast of Thailand. If you are tired from your job and need a good spot to relax and take stock of your life, why not do it in the far east? Thailand is an adventurous country with hidden delights and pleasures for tourists.

The beaches of Thailand are known for their beauty, but even the main beaches cannot compare with Koh Phangan’s simple beauty, white sands, clear waters, and majestic landscapes. The small island is not only a haven of peace and beauty in the day, it holds one of the nations’ most popular tourist attractions, the Festival of the Full Moon. This festival is one the prime reasons why the island is unique and brings out its partying side.

Thousands of tourists from all over the world come from the mainland in Thailand to celebrate in a legendary party every month on the night when the moon is at her peak. There is music and laughter and plenty of fun to go around. After the party you can relax under the stars on the deserted beach and enjoy the gentle lapping of the waves upon the shore. The island will be your new home for as long as you want it to be.

You can go from the mainland of Thailand by plane to nearby islands and then get a boat to take you to Koh Phangan. If you want to go by bus or travel by train, you should factor in at least another day of traveling. If you go by plane you should book your tickets at least a month ahead of time to avail yourself of the best prices. Holidays are also a busy time for the people of Thailand, so do not forget to be prepared and book ahead of time.

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