The Revival of Used Camper Vans

Camper vans have made a comeback! Picture by David Masters

Alternative vacationing has gained some luster in today’s economic climate. Added to this financial stress is the ever changing and increasingly unfair policies of airlines. Phrases like “staycation” have started to appear in conversations accompanied by the rise in the popularity of a road trip.

Used camper vans have also relished in this alternative vacation movement. Buying a used one is a super cost effective way to get the plushest features for your cash.

Versatile and convenient

It is amazing what can be tucked into these handy vehicles. Roofs that collapse and extend can make a virtual suite out of what was once a simple mode of transportation. Tables fold out next to mini kitchenettes equipped with fridges, sinks, stoves, and even microwaves. Heaters designed to keep the camper warm when the engine is not running means that it can be used year around and in virtually any terrain. It is much better than a tent and way cheaper than a hotel. Buying a previously owned model will let you get one with all the options that might be too pricey brand new.

Where To Buy A Used Camper Van

Just as there is no shortage of options available, there is also no shortage of resources to find a used model. It is possible to find listings in magazines and newspapers and on the Internet. There are many retail lots that will sell them either new or used or both. What resource you use depends on the level of security that you desire as well as convenience.

Chances are the vehicle that is perfect for you may not be in your area. To get the best value you might have to consider looking in a different region. Buying from a lot often times will give the buyer more security in the case that it is a lemon. Be sure to check the lemon laws in your state, as they should apply to your camper purchase as well.

Do your research and shop around. Find out what options are available that you want and then compare prices. Buying any vehicle used can be met with challenges especially a used camper van. The best way to meet them is to arm yourself with information.

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