Tips For Free Travel (part 1)

Picture by Dahon

Free travel is about connecting to people

100%  free travel is not impossible but quite unlikely for most people in this day and age. You can, however, put yourself in a position to seriously increase free traveling opportunities while you are on the move.

This kind of traveling usually depends on both practical skills and personality factors. The more things you can do and know about – the easier it is to find free travel opportunities or cheap holidays while on the move…

…and the more willing you are to open up to others and allow the same in reverse and the more people will invite you into their lives – for free!

1. Plan Ahead
The Internet has become an invaluable resource for free travel. Not all opportunities happen spontaneously while on a trip – many can be planned ahead and looked up online (WOOFing, couchsurfing, home sitting, etc). If the uncertainty of having to find spontaneous free opportunities as you travel proves to be too overwhelming, don’t let it stop you. Simply research and identify resources and opportunities before ever setting foot abroad.

2. Learn Foreign Languages
Free travel is quite about communication and connecting to people. If you are able to speak (even just slightly) the native language of the area where you are going, this will tremendously increase your opportunities. Speaking or trying to speak the local language almost always puts you in the good graces of the local people.

3. Live Lightly and Simply, At Home and Abroad
When your needs are reduced you obviously need less money to get by. Anyone noticing that all the abundance and excesses of Western civilization have failed to make us happy, healthy, sane and kind to one another?

And also, if you don’t have a lot of stuff to take care of at home and in your life in general, it makes you more available for spontaneous departures. Simplifying your bills and getting rid of excessive material possessions will make your travels easier and more carefree.

4. Find Penpals
By developing penpal friendships, you are creating opportunities to stay at your friends’ places when traveling. Depending on the strength of the friendship, this can provide you with a roof over your head for a longer time period than couchsurfing would. And when you are not traveling, travel can come to you as you open your doors to your international friends.

5. Learn Basic Self-Sufficiency Skills
Free travel or traveling with a very small budget is not always easy. You can save on myriads of costs and significantly improve your situation by being as self-sufficient as possible. This does depend on where you plan to go but you may also easily find yourself somewhere unplanned for! Learn how to make a fire, sanitize water, hand wash clothes, cook simple food, etc.  More Free Traveling Tips

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