Tips For Free Travel (part 2)

Picture by Carol Schaffer

Continued From Travel For Free Tips Part 1

6. Travel Slow

It can be difficult to keep costs low if you travel quickly and are always on the move. Traveling slow enables you to minimize costs and hang around for the best deals.

By staying in the same place for an extended period of time you also give yourself the chance to create a significant network of relationships and related opportunities.

There is a big difference between a meaningful encounter with a land and its people and a series of quick glances at numerous sites.

7. Be Prepared and Willing to Give Back

By ‘free travel’ we mean that traveling need not be financially expensive. But what you don’t give in money you can always give in time and contribution of self. There always is an exchange of some kind going on. Sometimes it can be as simple as being good company to others or being a window to another world. You can also offer something more practical like massages, carpentry work, yard work, house cleaning, babysitting, reiki, running errands, etc. Barter has never really gone out of style and bargain holidays are always possible.

8. Diversify Your Sources of Income

It is ideal if you are able to generate some income while you are traveling. It is even more ideal if you are able to make this money from a variety of means. This way you don’t have to rely so much on working crazy hours before leaving in order to pile up some cash or experience the stress of coming back from your trip with financial concerns. It may also mean you can keep up free traveling much longer if you wish.

There are endless opportunities either locally or by working through the Internet. Be it picking fruits or doing massages. Online work include freelance writing and graphic design.

Read more about generating income and how to travel for free

9. Start Where You Are

In order to experience free travel it is important to have a healthy attitude and positive mindset. It is not always an easy affair. A good way to get your feet wet is to start small and plan a free or partially free trip in your own country. This is a good idea especially if you have never traveled (it’s not necessary to go to India for 6 months for your first trip like I did! But that’s another story.) You will gain practical knowledge from this and can set a challenge for yourself to connect freely to other people. Then, you will be better prepared to venture out with little money abroad.

10. Trust Yourself

There will always be people who see things differently than you do. If you rely too heavily on other people’s perceptions about what the world is like and what is possible or not, this limits your free travel possibilities and does not teach you to rely on yourself in challenging situations. Listen to yourself. You are the one who is making your way in the world and it often if not always mirrors the way you approach it. Forget about all the people who say that the world is like this and the world is like that. Your experience of the world is what you make of it. Do not, of course, jump into situations in which you don’t feel prepared to handle.

This also does not mean that you should never listen to other people’s advice. If you trust yourself you will be a more trustable person to others and you will be able to discern those you can trust from those you can’t.

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  • traveled many U.S. states plying constuction skills while i was younger.single and son grown. very adept at self suffientcy,and 25yrs of construction has made me quite reslient with a flare to find honest work with no ego. wash dishes to building a house from ground up every phase involved. good manners and hard work can open almost any door. please help me with next abroad adventure. very tactful and well spoken. mindset and skills can apply to many oppertunities,just need guide. thank you.PS trekking is my plan

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