Top Budget Hotels in New York

Want to visit New York and enjoy all it has to offer, but budget constraints are holding you back? Do not worry; there are many low-cost New York City hotels which have safe, comfortable accommodation with great customer service.

By consulting experts and having an insider’s perspective I’ve been able to list a number of hotels which meet these criteria, and are all under $150 per night.  By following this list you avoid the shocking prices which many other New York City hotels charge.

Chelsea Savoy Hotel - The Savoy offers some of the best packages on the market this season. You can request accommodation for a family of four at the price of $145-225 per night. The hotel’s location is perfect, as the nearest subway is a stone’s throw away. The area surrounding the hotel is also a great nightspot with many well-known restaurants  within walking distance if you are interested in fine dining

Colonial House Inn – One of the most historic hotels in New York, the Colonial was built in 1850’s. The employees are always more than happy to give insider advice on what to see and do in the city. Offerings include a Continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi and there is also a rooftop garden for you to enjoy the New York skyline. Prices range from $80 (single, weeknight) – $140 (deluxe, weekend).

The Gershwin – This hotel has a very multi-cultural atmosphere and is frequented by European and Asian guests alike. It is also one of the cheapest hotels in New York with rooms being offered at fantastic prices.  The Gershwin offers private and dormitory style halls for its visitors. The typical rate is $99 for a private room. Special packages are posted online on a daily basis including discounted weekends for families.

Larchmont Hotel – Perfectly located in West Village, this hotel offers great prices for rooms in a safe neighbourhood. Continental breakfast is served daily and rooms have all the essentials including a phone, bathroom and televisions. Prices range from $75-$130 per room.

The Marcel - This is chic and stylish hotel, where each room is well furnished and comfortable and also has an added en-suite bathroom.  The breakfasts are always a highlight in this hotel as they cater from the New York City Bagel chain with delicious coffee also on offer.  With all of the features it has to offer this hotel is definitely a bargain with a price of $125 per room.

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