Visiting Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang Island, the second biggest of Thailand, is a mountainous national park where over 70% of the surface is protected virgin rainforest. Because of this, the area is still less developed than surrounding islands and is in great condition (there are only 8 villages). It’s no surprise then that it is abundant with natural beauty. Expect to see scenic waterfalls, crystal clear marine waters, white sandy beaches galore, a great variety of wildlife, coral reefs, high mountains and, of course, magnificent forests.

There are quite a few activities that nature lovers and visitors to Koh Chang Island will be excited about. These include sunbathing on the paradise-like white sandy beaches, swimming, diving and snorkelling, yachting, mountain biking, tree climbing, canoeing, jungle hiking and elephant trekking. The name of the island means ‘Elephant Island’ but this is due to the shape of the land more than the presence of elephants.

A real paradise island

A real paradise island!

The island climate is easy and enjoyable. The seasons vary from rainy to dry, followed by summer. The rainy season occurs from May to October, the dry season from November to February and then summer from March to April (hot!). In terms of temperatures, this configuration makes it ideal for people from the northern hemisphere to visit during the winter season – although expect the most tourists at this time (650,000 annually, most of them Thai). Going during the months of July and August will give you more breathing space and cheaper prices but it will also come with some rain everyday (but not necessarily all day).

While luxurious accommodations and establishments do exist on the island, bungalows and beach huts are widely available and should please low budget and easy-going travel enthusiasts. Spas, quiet beach bars and nightclubs are also present. As would be expected, Thai cuisine is abundant in tourist restaurants. A few Buddhist temples grace the area as well.

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